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 [Concept] Reverse Frontier

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Accel P
One Eyed Miharu
One Eyed Miharu

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PostSubject: [Concept] Reverse Frontier   Fri 01 Oct 2010, 21:17

Projectnya Milan wa cuma di suru post

my serious project using vx, sekalian latian CG ma sprite

using VX!

Aaand for those who doen't know what SRW is, you may check


Reverse Frontier,a condition where 4 Universe with different timeline, different dimension, and different culture connected via mystical Border called "Cross Gates".

the themes for the Universe are Medieval, Feudal Nippon, Steampunk, and Futuristic
And from the shadows... a force aiming for destruction of Reverse Frontier begin to move...

18 years ago, Selphie Nate, an ordinary poor girl from ordinary poor family met a mysterious boy and the two became close friend. But soon, the boy had to move to another Universe. And not for a long time, Selphie were sold to a mysterious guy by her parents for some money.

it's revealed that the one who bought Selphie is a weird, closed man who sleep during daytime and "work" in night. and his job is a mystery...

When Selphie is 16, another shocking truth revealed: The man is a vampire, a member of the force which aim for Reverse frontier's destruction and using Selphie as "Soul Container" by turning her into a vampire. helpless, she accepted the bitter truth and continued to live on as a vampire.

and somehow, in one day, an exterminator (those who exterminate demons)raided their place and somehow managed to finish off the old vampire, when Selphie managed to survive. burnt by revenge, she continued to hunt down humans, especially exterminators.

2 years later
The nearby villager hired a Bounty Hunter to exterminate the Female Vampire. As he proceed into the castle with his almighty リボルバーブレード (Revolver Blade)clearing his path, and faced Selphie. the hunter got the upper hand, at least until the real Vampire, who supposed to be "dead", returned revealing his final plot: taking away Souls Selphie collected and kill her in the same time, as she's useless after all Souls were sucked. the Vampire easily beat Selphie and the Hunter, and began the Soul takeaway ritual. when it's 50% done, The Hunter gained his consciousness and do a dangerous bet: using the forbidden Arte "Sealing Seal" to overwrite the ritual

Somehow the arte succeded, and left Selphie unconscious. but before she faints, she was able to saw a familiar scar behind the hunter's hair and said "M-milan~?" and then fainted.

As his plot were ruined by a brat, The vampire takes his leaves with a warning: The universe's Doom is near. As the vampire leaves, the hunter, now known as Milan, Selphie's childhood friend, waiting for her to gain consciousness...

As She awakens, Milan explained everything, and after a long explanation, Selphie joined Milan as his partner, and because her power as Vampire were sealed, now she can walk under the sun again...

After preparing for their journey, including finding a good weapon for Selphie which is a gun from a dead Exterminator, the two begin their quest to hunt down the vampire. One they don't know is that things will get bigger, and Reverse frontier's fate is in their hands....


Milan Zonvolt
Title: Lost Beowulf
Age 18
Weapon: Revolver Blade

A pervert wannabe Ladiesman who wanders around as Bounty Hunter,and Selphie's Childhood friend. Always remain calm in almost every situations, and is a master of Devilish plan.
One that's haven't realized is his bitter past before met Selphie in their Childhood

Selphie Nate
Title: Sealed Ressurection
Age 18
Weapon:Dual SilverBullet Desert Eagle

Milan's childhood friend who's turned into a vampire and a Soul Container. A bit serious and have no mercy to scold Milan when his pervert side surfaced. Even after sealed, her state as Soul Container remained, as long as she killed a creature, the creature's soul will trapped inside her. This state really irritates her.

3rd and 4th char coming soon...

And don't forget as this is SRW fangame, there'll be a LOT of Mechas as enemies or allies. here's a temporary list of the Mecha that definitely will appear in the game:

Alteisen Riese
Weissritter Custom



and YOU!

please rate this concept! Look forward for your comments!!

◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘ ◘

Semua yang dimulai dengan rasa marah, akan berakhir dengan rasa malu (Benjamin Franklin)
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Royal Flying Swordman

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PostSubject: Re: [Concept] Reverse Frontier   Fri 01 Oct 2010, 21:22

WAW!! SRW a.k.a Super Robo Taisen itu kan :D

Gwa dukung game ini. Seru Sistem gamenya soalnya XD
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Tengkorak Hidup

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PostSubject: Re: [Concept] Reverse Frontier   Fri 01 Oct 2010, 23:30

Gwa post yang sama dgn yang di Rumah Mertua... :-

Keren ceritanya, gwa seneng yang ada cerita tragisnya :cry:

Btw, sedikit pertanyaan:
Age nya si Selphie 18, tapi ketemuan si Milan 18 years ago :o?
Berarti ketemuan pas umur 0 atu?

Trus, knapa si vampirnya ga bunuh mereka berdua aja pas ada kesempatan? :- Kok malah pergi? :peace:

Ntar item healnya ada mi ayam ga? :peace:
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PostSubject: Re: [Concept] Reverse Frontier   

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[Concept] Reverse Frontier

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